Hook is a family of pendants based on two simple geometric shapes - a wide cone for the shade, and a cylinder for the fitting. The shade is suspended from a single stainless steel hook, that makes it appear to float.

Hook is available in 2 sizes and in 4 colours, each with a distinctive character. It is perfect to hang over a dining table or in the centre of a living room.

Alexandra Gerber is a Swiss-French designer based in London. She obtained a Bachelor's degree from the ESAD School of Art & Design in Strasbourg and a Master's degree in Product Design from ECAL in Lausanne. She previously worked for Tom Dixon where she led large-scale brand partnership projects, including projects with Adidas and Ikea. She founded her own studio in 2016.

Alexandra Gerber Studio is driven by functionality and innovative materials. The studio creates products and installations that are engaging and adaptable, to ensure they remain relevant throughout time. She works for furniture and lighting brands, fashion labels, consumer product brands and galleries, with clients like NINE, Hay, Eternit, Alyx and Selahatin, and galleries like Okro and Second Nature.