Sine is a stainless steel outdoor furniture range. The dining and lounge chairs have a cantilevered base that is inspired by classic Swedish furniture and gives a slight bounce when they are sat on. Combined with the curved seat and back rest, the chairs are extremely comfortable.

The collection also includes a stool, bench and ottoman, as well as 3 sizes of table, ranging from café to 8 seat dining tables.

Note Design Studio was founded by Johannes Carlström and Cristiano Pigazzini in 2008. Known for their collaborative spirit, the Stockholm-based collective is responsible for a wide range of design work that spans architecture, interiors, furniture and more.

As a multidisciplinary studio, Note Design Studio shies away from one clear visual identity. Functionality, however, is at the heart of every creation. In order to find the right expression, proportions and materials for each piece, it is imagined in a variety of settings and used for a range of needs. The deep commitment to function is enhanced by subtle details that elevate an everyday design into something exceptional.